A brave new chapter!

bible-1149924_1280Two weeks ago I waved goodbye to life as I had known it for 18 years, signing the papers finalising the sale of my business. I am now embarking on a brand new career in the corporate world, an environment totally different to that of an owner-manager of a business.

While learning to navigate life in the corporate world, I am also working on consolidating my family’s financial position, putting together the building blocks of enduring financial independence. My target is to create both long-term wealth for my family and also an enduring and diversified income stream to support us should we one day decide to hang up our hats. This blog will help me stay on the straight and narrow as I research different investment mechanisms and share them with you.

I also want to create purpose for my life outside of my career and family. After many years of being totally consumed by my business I clearly need a pastime that is totally separate from my career.

This blog is going to be one of those projects. I have always enjoyed writing, finding it a great way to think things through and also somewhat therapeutic. Setting up a blog will help me reach some like-minded people to share my experiences with, both about business and also about financial independence. I also realise that lots of other people are trying to achieve the same goal so I will share the process, highlighting what worked for me and what did not, in the hope that it will help others who are trying to do the same thing.

Another important project is philanthropic in nature. I am a product of privilege, as are many others in the western world. I was not raised in a wealthy family, but I had access to that most important of assets, an education. I was given the belief that hard work is valuable and worthwhile; that it is possible, and indeed essential, to strive to better yourself. This is what ultimately led to my success – education and a strong work ethic. Unfortunately, however, there are children out there who are not as privileged. They are raised in an environment which is not conducive to getting a good education, either because of poverty (have you ever tried studying while hungry?) or because of problems at home. The result is that they start off life at a major disadvantage and they never manage to close the gap. I am determined to do something to help these children, to give them the chances that I had. This is a cause that is very dear to my heart and it is my hope that I will be able to leverage my financial independence to make a difference. Ultimately when I sit and daydream about retirement I never think of myself on a sunbed drinking a margarita, but actually running around busy and heavily involved in projects that benefit the community.

That is what financial independence is to me – freedom. The freedom to use my time to do something that really matters.

Author: Mrs Smelling Freedom

After selling my business my priority is consolidating my family’s financial independence. I blog about Entrepreneurship, Financial Independence and living life to the full!

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