Status update: Time is flying – and so am I!

Time is flying - and so am I!
Time is flying – and so am I!

Time really does fly when you are busy and travelling the way I have been over the last 4 weeks. I clocked 51 hours sitting on planes (covering a total distance of 45000km) in May and it is now looking like June is going to be just as hectic.

It is all very tiring but from my point of view extremely worthwhile. When I was reading up about company acquisitions and mergers, prior to taking the leap and signing the final papers, the general consensus in several articles was that there is a critical time window to capture synergies between two organisations when going through an integration. The period ranges between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the particular sector and the circumstances of the acquisition, and if this opportunity is missed the likelihood is that the resulting synergies will fall short of expectations – something that I am determined to avoid.

In our case there is a clear vision of how the combined company will be able to increase revenues and gain market share in a wider geographical region than either one of us could achieve alone. It’s a tough target but I am enjoying the challenge.

The result is that I have neglected the blog somewhat over the last 2 weeks, but when I came back to it today I was happy to see that a small but steady stream of people visited the site, with a number of them being so kind as to leave comments and feedback. Visitors came from 37 different countries and taken as an aggregate the blog got 3 times as many page views in May as in April, which is encouraging.

The signs are positive. I do not regret my decision to sell my company and integrate with a larger firm.
The signs are positive.

So all in all I would say that the last month was tiring but positive. A month ago I commented that the signs were that I had made the right decision to make such a big change in my life and now I can say that I am feeling even more confident that it is so. This is not to say that there are not days when the process is overwhelming – as I wrote in a post a couple of weeks ago it sometimes feels like I am on a rollercoaster and that things are happening too fast, whizzing by without me having time to focus on them. What I have found, however, is that embracing change is like jumping into the cold sea – you initially catch your breath and ask yourself why on earth you jumped, but after the first few moments your body gets used to the new temperature and actually finds it refreshing and invigorating.

The last month has also been positive from a financial point of view. After some trials and tribulations and a lot of red tape I finally paid off the loan we had taken out to buy a boat several years ago. Time to put that mistake behind me and move on, which is a great feeling. I also got the ball rolling on two investment portfolios – the first a mix of individual equities and bonds and the second a mix of ETFs. It will be interesting to compare performance of the two portfolios over the coming months.

I have several new posts planned for the coming weeks, so watch this space!




Author: Mrs Smelling Freedom

After selling my business my priority is consolidating my family’s financial independence. I blog about Entrepreneurship, Financial Independence and living life to the full!

3 thoughts on “Status update: Time is flying – and so am I!”

  1. Good that you are happy with the decision you make.

    I am curious to see the investment portfolios you have and how they perform. Are the individual stock for DGI or for growth.
    Myself, I aim ing term for a 50/50 split in funds/DGI.

    1. I am aiming for growth not dividends, with a 60 (equities) / 40 (funds) split in the active investment portfolio (A).
      In the passive portfolio (B) I am buying index-tracking ETFs which follow the performance of the S&P 500, FTSE 100 and EUR Stoxx 50.
      Being a bit cautious at the moment though – Brexit might rock the boat this month.

      You have made some pretty important decisions yourself recently. Good luck for the new job 🙂 Hopefully in a couple of months you will be writing a similar post to mine 😉

      1. Thx for sharing your portfolio strategy. Always nice to learn something from others. IT shws how personal personal finance is.

        It would be so nice to write a similar post in a few months! 🙂

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