A Weekend Project – Fingerless Gloves

Knitting project, Santa Hat
My kids loved them and their friends wanted one too, so I knitted MANY of them!

It’s been a nice quiet week over Christmas. Outside the weather rages and inside we keep cosy and busy. As I mentioned in a previous post, over the last three months I found a new hobby – knitting.

In the run-up to Christmas I was very busy knitting Santa Hats.  Now churning out red hats with white pompoms is a sure-fire way of getting into the Christmas spirit, and it’s great fun to browse through Facebook and glimpse a photo or two of your friends wearing your creations – but it does grow old quite fast. By the end of it I couldn’t stand the sight of the things.

So now that all the presents have been given and Christmas paraphernalia can be put away for the next 11 months or so, I decided I wanted to try my hand at something new. I needed a different project – something more challenging than a beanie, but easy enough for a beginner like me. I also wanted it to be useful, but quick to make. I may be a great believer in the power of delayed gratification when it comes to things financial, but when it comes to hobbies I want quick results!

knitting project, fingerless gloves
An easy project for beginners – fingerless gloves.

Enter the Fingerless Glove pattern created by Onix Terevinto. Onix claims that it only takes two hours to knit up these gloves, but it took me three hours per glove, six hours in total. So not quite as fast as originally claimed, but still pretty good. It was fun to bring this pair to life over a couple of evenings, and even more fun to see how enthusiastic my daughter was about them. Her hands get very cold at school so these gloves will come in useful.

Orders have already started coming in. My other daughter wants a pair, and so does my son. We showed them to my mother-in-law and she suggested that I knit a pair for her mum, my husband’s granny. She’s 95 and her hands get very cold. Looks like I will be busy over the coming weekends!

knitting project, fingerless gloves
Very easy to make, they will now keep her hands warm at school.

So, what was the cost of this creation?

Yarn – 1.25 skeins purchased at EUR1.12 per skein off eBay (with free shipping).

Total cost EUR1.40

Pretty good deal 🙂




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