Knitting to Beat Stress – The Knot Stitch Coaster

Knitting to beat stress: The perfect coaster for my morning coffee
Knitting to beat stress! Knitting this coaster was a breeze and I really enjoy colour coordinating it with my coffee mugs 🙂

Once you get the knitting bug you start trawling the web for free patterns, hoping to find something useful that you can knit for yourself, family or friends. In my case it also needs to be relatively easy to make (I’m a beginner) and ideally quick (I’m impatient!).

So I was delighted when I found this cute coaster pattern. It ticked all the right boxes – it was useful, it was pretty with a knot stitch that took some getting used to but that I mastered after watching some youtube videos and most important of all knitting the whole thing takes around an hour and a half from cast on to cast off.

Knitting to beat stress

This week has been particularly brutal at work. We were bombarded with “issues” that needed resolving fast. By the time I made it back home at the end of the day I was totally frazzled and knew I would have a problem getting to sleep. So after tucking up the kids for the night I settled on my comfy couch, chose some cheerfully coloured yarn and got knitting.

Knitting - coasters in different colours
These coasters are not just fun to knit but they are also very useful. I plan to knit a stash 🙂

It worked. As I knitted row after row I calmed down and the worries of the day melted away. It’s great fun seeing the coaster come to life and the knot stitch looks great. I enjoyed it so much that over the next few days I knitted the same coaster in a variety of colours.

Knitting to beat stress - a grey coaster to match my daughter's bedroom
Knitting to beat stress – a grey coaster to match my daughter’s bedroom

The grey one found a home on my daughter’s bedside table, matching her turquoise and grey colour scheme perfectly. The blue one sits on my bedstand, waiting for someone to wake me up with a cup of coffee in the morning (hint hint!!). The green and purple ones adorn the coffee table in my living room.

Knitting gifts for family and friends

Last Christmas I really enjoyed giving my best friend and some family members special knitted gifts that I made just for them. It was wonderful to see their surprise when they unwrapped their present. I had never done anything of the sort before so they were not expecting it.

So this year one of my goals is to knit lots of gifts to give away to people  who would appreciate them. The problem of course is that I have already given them beanies and scarves and I would very much like to give them something different.

These coasters are the perfect solution. I plan to knit them in lots of different coordinating colours and gift them as a set of four. Many of my friends love coffee and these coasters will be perfect for them. I can’t wait to start giving them out 🙂

If you are like me and are often stressed, I highly recommend knitting as a hobby. It really does help calm the mind. This coaster pattern is a great project for beginners. Give it a try – you will not regret it!

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