An Investment in our Relationship

Investing in our relationship. Mr SF and I need some R & R!
An investment in our relationship. Mr SF and I need some R & R!

You know how it is. The kids. The house. The cat. The dog. The job.

It’s easy to lose sight of what really matters and get caught up in the stress of everyday living.

Over the last couple of months Mr SF and I have been on overdrive. We seem to be constantly running from one place to the next, either dropping off one child at gymnastics or picking up another child from drama club.

There’s no avoiding this stress in families with two working parents and three young kids. It’s a reality of life we simply have to live with. However it is important to find the time to recharge the batteries and re-connect every now and then. So after a particularly brutal week we decided that the time had come to take a break. Call it an investment in our relationship.

My mum has agreed to come stay with the kids for a week and Mr SF and I have booked a trip to the Maldives for one week of extreme rest and relaxation.

An investment in our relationship. One week in the Maldives with no kids in tow :)
An investment in our relationship. One week in the Maldives with no kids in tow 🙂

We’re off in two weeks and frankly I can’t wait. January has been really intense and so far February is proving just as bad. So it will be great to just lie on a beach, soak up some rays and read lots of books.

Investing in our future together

One of the topics I blog about is FI, with posts focusing on topics such as passive income, debt or real estate. It’s all about how best to invest our money. However we often forget that although money can help us buy happiness, at the end of the day the most fundamental ingredient for happiness is companionship and love.

An investment in our relationship. It's not about money but about time and attention.
An investment in our relationship. It’s not about money but about time and attention.

So our financial investments are important, but so is investing in our relationship. It’s not about gifts or expensive dates, but about making the time for each other.

Our everyday life is not conducive to spending a lot of meaningful time together, so it is clearly time for us to take a time-out, remove ourselves from the hustle and bustle of our life, and go deposit some coins in our relationship piggy bank!

Maldives, here we come 🙂

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9 thoughts on “An Investment in our Relationship”

    1. Hi Cleo 🙂 I still can’t believe we are going! It was a total whirlwind. One second we were on the couch talking about how crazy our life was and the next we were on the phone with my mum asking if she could babysit.
      Perhaps it’s a good thing we did not think about it for too long or we would have chickened out.
      Carpe Diem 🙂

      1. Yep, sometimes you’ve just got to do it. We just booked a week in a nice hotel in London for the four of us in May. A lot of money, but as my husband always says “in london the museums are free” 😉

          1. Yes, it’s always great. Now find the time to visit more then twice a year. Kids are all for it. (Years ago, before kids we looked into buying a very small apartment in Marylebone. Might have been an interesting investment with hindsight. 🙂 )

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