I recently sold my business. After half a lifetime of putting my heart and soul into my company when a potential buyer approached me I was caught totally by surprise. Selling was not something that I had ever considered and it took me a while to bend my head around the possibility.

The question that burned in my brain was – if I sell, then what? As a mum of three the business was not the be all and the end all of my existence, but it was a very large part of my life and I really could not imagine myself doing anything else. One day I went on Google and typed – Should I sell my business?

I expected to find lots of blogs with entrepreneurs sharing their experience, advice and opinions online, hopefully helping me through what was a very difficult time for me, both emotionally and mentally. However to my surprise there are not very many people out there talking about setting up a business, growing it and then selling it – and even less information about how they felt afterwards. What I did find was a number of articles where journalists interviewed people who had sold their companies and a general theme emerged. Most of the entrepreneurs who sold out did so because they were no longer having fun doing what they were doing. Somewhere along the way they had lost their spark. This resonated with me and strengthened my resolve and in fact, here I am, a year later, starting a totally new chapter in my life. I have started working within the large organisation that acquired my company. The role I have taken on is exciting and challenging and I feel totally re-energised by the change.

So why this blog? Well, after 12 months of trawling through different blogs and online resources I concluded that there is a dearth of information about the difficulties encountered by entrepreneurs. The tendency is for us to tough it out, even if sometimes we are hanging on by the skin of our teeth. I am not one for bravado and I have no problem admitting that while there were some wonderful times in the last 18 years, there were also some very difficult ones .

Now that I have the luxury of having some mental distance from that space I plan to write about my life as an entrepreneur in the hope that my message will reach others who are in the same boat, showing them that they are not alone and that in fact many owner-managers go through exactly the same experience.

I also plan to write about my journey from this point onwards. I spent lots of time reading blogs about financial independence and this has become a major goal for me. In this blog I will chart my progress in consolidating my family’s financial independence, which is ultimately a journey towards the freedom to use my time to do something that really matters.