Thank you 2016!

2016 was a great year
2016 has been a great year for our family. We have much to be grateful for.

It is sometimes easy to focus on the bad stuff in life – the irritations and the niggling worries. So this year I made a conscious effort to acknowledge all the wonderful things that I have to be thankful for. I sat down and wrote a list, and as I wrote I realised that I am indeed fortunate and have much to be grateful for.

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Young Enterprise – the origin of Mrs Smelling Freedom the Entrepreneur

Young Enterprise empowers children to acquire important business skills
Young Enterprise changed my life. I would not be where I am today if I had not joined their Entrepreneurship programme when I was 16

I was raised in a pretty old fashioned type of family. My dad was a civil servant while my mum stayed at home. Setting up a business was not something people from families like mine did, and in fact the thought never even occurred to me as a child.

My dad used to encourage me to be a teacher or get a job at a bank, since according to him that was an “ideal job for a woman”. The general expectation was that I would get a job, get married, have a child and then become a stay-at-home mum. Continue reading “Young Enterprise – the origin of Mrs Smelling Freedom the Entrepreneur”

A brave new chapter!

bible-1149924_1280Two weeks ago I waved goodbye to life as I had known it for 18 years, signing the papers finalising the sale of my business. I am now embarking on a brand new career in the corporate world, an environment totally different to that of an owner-manager of a business. Continue reading “A brave new chapter!”