Goodbye 2017!

Taking the leap to 2018!
Taking the leap to 2018!

It is that time of year when we look back and assess what we have done (or not done!) over the last 12 months, and in a mood of introspection I decided to write a post on my long-neglected blog!

I have much to be grateful for this year – 2017 has been kind to me and my loved ones.

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Status update: Time is flying – and so am I!

Time is flying - and so am I!
Time is flying – and so am I!

Time really does fly when you are busy and travelling the way I have been over the last 4 weeks. I clocked 51 hours sitting on planes (covering a total distance of 45000km) in May and it is now looking like June is going to be just as hectic.

It is all very tiring but from my point of view extremely worthwhile. When I was reading up about company acquisitions and mergers, prior to taking the leap and signing the final papers, the general consensus in several articles was that there is a critical time window to capture synergies between two organisations when going through an integration. The period ranges between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the particular sector and the circumstances of the acquisition, and if this opportunity is missed the likelihood is that the resulting synergies will fall short of expectations – something that I am determined to avoid. Continue reading “Status update: Time is flying – and so am I!”

Financial Independence: Am I there yet?

Financial independence – a lofty goal that most likely means different things to different people. If you are working and earn an income that covers your costs and you do not need anyone to support you (mummy? daddy? a spouse?) then you are somewhat justified to claim that you are financially independent, as in, not dependent on anyone for financial support. For many years that is what the term meant to me, and if anyone had asked me “Are you financially independent?” I would have answered emphatically that of course I was!

As I got older and wiser, however, I realised that financial independence was more complicated than I had initially thought. When I ran my business, for example, I was earning money and could easily cover my bills. However was I ever really financially independent? Continue reading “Financial Independence: Am I there yet?”

Wonderful Sri Lanka

Two days after finalising the sale of my company, we hopped onto a plane en route to Sri Lanka for a dream family vacation.

Sri Lanka is amazing! It is an absolutely lovely country and I cannot recommend it highly enough . There are excellent hotels and good food, the roads are great and the people are really friendly. To top it all they have a wonderful culture, beautiful temples and lush parks where you can see a wide variety of birds and animals.

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Frugal living – Personal ROI on the path to Financial Independence

Save as much as you can, while still living a good life
Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves

Over the past year I became an avid follower of a number of financial independence and early retirement blogs where a commonly recurring topic is frugal living, keeping spending to a minimum and saving and investing as much as possible. I have been advocating this approach to spending and saving for years with friends and family, often without getting very far, so it was really encouraging to find out that I was unknowingly part of a growing tribe of frugal spenders and maxi savers!

I have been an avid saver since I was 10 years old. My favourite “toy” was an elephant piggy bank and every Sunday my grandfather used to give me some coins which I eagerly inserted through the slot on the elephant’s back. I also had a little scam going. I would count 90 cents and ask my mum to change it into a pound. She never checked the small change I gave her, just putting the 90c in her purse and giving me a nice shiny pound coin. I used to open the piggy bank every couple of weeks and count the coins over and over, hoping to discover that they had magically multiplied while I was not looking. It was something of a precursor to how I feel today when I go check my investment portfolio when the going is good.

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